Vulsec is constantly evolving to help our partners stay ahead of cyber threats.

In spirit of our dedication to perfection, Vulsec has re-launched its website to reflect our ever growing offerings.

What's new?

CyperPi Intelligence gathering from a hackers perspective.

  • Are your employees protected when traveling around the world with their digital privacy?
  • What information is on the internet about your family that could lead to personal compromise?
  • Online Dating, Crypto Currency scams, Data compromise because your bank or hospital got hacked? 


Undercover Hacker. Assess your organization from the inside.

  • Assess the inside of your organization for insider threats, business process, and departments around information security. 
  • Are your employees using proper protections for personal passwords at home? 
  • Simulating "undercover boss" where a hacker takes a position inside the company to assess as an employee with a hacker mindset. 

Undercover Hacker

Industry specific offerings. We know that your company is unique and that no cure all exists for risk. Work with Vulsec to develop a tailored security solution for your organization.

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