Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) vs Active Scanning

What is Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and active vulnerability management, how do attackers use this information against you? 

OSINT is gathering intelligence from open sources and public information like google or shodan. This allows an attacker to learn about your company and find potential issues without your company knowing that this is occurring. An attacker can find vulnerable systems or breached corporate email accounts to use in their attack.

With active scanning the attacker is connecting to your infrastructure to determine what services and versions of software you have. Unlike OSINT this is something that you can detect and potentially stop attackers from doing.

Vulsec Halogen

Do you know what attackers can learn about your company? 

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Vulsec partners who provide data into Halogen to correlate risks for your organization. 

Open Source Intelligence Feeds

Gain the vision from the hacker perspective by collecting data from threat intelligence feeds.

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Read more on how we are integrating Shodan into Halogen to streamline threat intelligence.  


Active Scanning

Analyze corporate data against third party email breaches and active vulnerability management.

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