Current Threats within Private Equity

Private Equity (PE) today faces new challenges in the form of cyber risks to not only the PE firm but the portfolio as well. It is this large attack surface that can make it very difficult to accurately quantify risk. During a Halogen assessment, Vulsec learned valuable methods of detecting and quantifying risk. With the use of Halogen, we analyzed over 140 of this client's portfolio companies. Within 15 minutes of Open Source Intelligence, we learned everything that an attacker would be able to use against these companies by utilizing public information.

Out of 30 companies we discovered:

  • IP Address - 6,183
  • Vulnerabilities – 2,021
  • Exploits - 270
  • Social Media Account – 4,859
  • Breached Emails - 431

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This type of intelligence gathering is essential as it informs the company that attackers have a wide variety of low hanging fruit that they can attack. Each of the portfolio companies has its own unique infrastructure and recording this layout and ensuring that all nodes are monitored is an essential task that is often done incorrectly due to the sheer size of these companies.


Without a streamlined approach to this problem compounds, leaving infrastructure unmonitored and attacks undetected. With each ecosystem being so different it can be hard to develop a security policy that effectively covers all aspects of the company. Using halogen we are able to detect and monitor all assets.

Portfolio monitoring


Connecting InterLink and Halogen allows for tracking and remediating issues by showing all issues in a single pane of glass. The most critical issues are highlighted making it easy to know what needs to be fixed now. Interlink tracks the issues allowing for seamless communication amongst its staff. This gives the CISO the power to spot issues and track how they are being fixed in one location.

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