How to Hire a Chief Information Security Officer.

With a national average of $228,000 salary for a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), what should the role entail within the organization? 
CISO Salary
The CISO should have board level power oversight:
  • They are the ones translating the risks into the boardroom to potentially allocate more budget.
  • Bringing information security expertise to the highest layer possible within the organization.
  • Presenting "war room" scenarios on the best ways to protect the organization. 


 10 questions for a CISO to answer to gain a rockstar team.


To hire the best CISO for your organization:


The individual in question to perform these duties need to have experience in technology, regulations, risk management, and business management. This is due to the fact the CISO is the nucleus to risk management across the organization. They are orchestrating multiple business units (Compliance, Legal, HR, IT, Executives, etc) to correlate the risk to the highest layer of the organization, the board. 


CISO MindMap-407689-edited.png

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